Micronic launches new gadget to aid researchers effectively seal screw cap tubes

  Micronic is delighted to introduce a novel useful resource that will enable researchers effectively seal their screw cap tubes. Micronic produced the new Micronic Screw Cap Recapper CS100 to ensure that screw caps are tightened securely and uniformly on sample storage tubes. The resource is actually available at Micronic but is normally used to cap, decap or recap screw caps from distinctive tube suppliers.

  It is best suited for every Operations Center or any other technical platform.

  Whenever a cap is just not effectively secured, sample evaporation requires position. Tightening a cap also restricted or also cost-free will compromise sealing general effectiveness. The specific Micronic Recapper is ready to a actual torque price creating certain that screw caps are optimally tightened onto tubes. The Micronic unit stops turning if the perfect seal is launched, lessening the threat of overturning the cap. This system lessens human problems and safeguards sample integrity for long-term sample storage.

  Developed with main laboratories, the Screw Cap Recapper also boosts the performance of (de)capping tubes. Because the light-weight instrument is easy to carry alongside, the CS100 is commonly used by scientists in many experiments. The hand-held software program permits close customers to flawlessly cap, decap or recap tubes within the laboratory or in the self-discipline. Typical, the place productive recapper allows researchers to completely seal tubes in just about any circumstance.

  The CS100 might be an best cost-effective and successful substitute to significant and computerized capping devices. The handbook machine wishes no batteries, is comprised of stainless-steel and provides an ergonomic alternative for remaining and perfect handed use. Because of the actuality no batteries are desired, the recapper is short, uncomplicated and always prepared to use. The software may be used for 96-, 48- or 24-well structure tubes with internal or exterior thread. Also, the instrument can be utilized to really conveniently pick individual human being tubes from your storage rack.

  The Micronic Screw Cap Recappers are created and assembled in-house within the Netherlands as well as United states of america of the usa.

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